Accomodation/Indawo Yokulala

Razwi Guesthouse Krugersdorp
Day rest (2hrs) @ R100
Overnight @ R250 (6pm-9am)
Whole day rates available (9:30am-5pm)
Call Us: 078 755 4839/071 111 2357
Email: razwiguesthouse(at)
Razwi Guesthouse RandfonteinWestrand Guesthouse Randfontein
Day rest (2hrs) from R100Day rest (2hrs) from R100
Overnight from R250 (6pm-9am)Overnight from R250 (6pm-9am)
Call Us: 065 563 6039/082 863 6277Call Us: 076 729 2178/078 059 6696
Email: razwiguesthouse(at)gmail.comEmail: razwiguesthouse(at)
Secure Parking AvailableSecure Parking Available

Razwi Guesthouses are conveniently located in Randfontein, Krugersdorp, and Primrose.

Our guesthouses are ideal for the business traveller, tourist, or daily visitor looking for short periods of rest and rejuvenation. Daily cleaning, bed linen and towels are provided.

We have a wide range of rooms to choose from to suit all needs. All our rooms come equipped with queen size beds, a TV, as well as access to a bathroom.